Our core values for the social and mental development of Ebony and Pink Pearls: focuses on what we call the “Sisterhood Model”.  Teaching our girls, the beauty of sisterhood and knowing they are stronger together. We teach our girls about, self- confidence, self-discipline, self -love and self-respect, how to honor their bodies, walk bold in their purpose and the beauty of prayer.

One of the unique aspects of Ebony And Pink Pearls is our ability to provide services to girls wherever they may congregate. (i.e, youth group, high school, community center, group homes etc).   We can bring our Sisterhood Curriculum to YOU.  We have a mobile staff dedicated to the mission of Ebony and Pink Pearls that enable us to provide a variety of programs to girls. We have an amazing team who share our vision of the helping our girls mentally, emotionally and spiritually.