Are you looking to make a difference in the lives of girls in your community? If you answered yes, please considering volunteering to Ebony and Pink Pearls. We have many ways that you can support, join us by becoming a Volunteer, Mentor or Social Media Ambassador. Please note volunteer opportunity location may vary based on the Ebony and Pink Pearls workshop calendar.

  1. Volunteer: will support the organization during various summer activities, youth summit, sisterhood circle or recognition luncheon.

  2. Mentor: will support the organization during our youth summits and sisterhood circles, you will be assigned a girl to support during these events.

  3. Social Media: Ambassador: will support the organization, by posting our events and promoting our organization on you social media platforms (i.e facebook, twitter, Instagram).

Sign up below if you would like to partner with us to improve our efforts, submit the request below.

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