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Fashion Blogger

"This movement is a life-changing for all ladies out there and even for men who are pushing so hard to honor God with their body, mind, and soul. Honestly, I wish I had known a movement like this in my early teens. Thank you, Ebony and Pink Pearls for this wonderful movement among our community”

Tanisha and Natalie Jean-Philippe,

Co-Founders of theyaya_s ministry

“We are so blessed by what Ebony and Pink Pearls is activating on social media. We call it a light in what can oftentimes feel like a dark place. Oftentimes, as believers, we are tempted by social media to reconstruct who we are, but Ebony and Pink Pearls operates as a tool to remind all of us of our value in Christ. Women are often encouraged to objectify themselves; especially on social media where value is associated with the number of “likes’ you achieve. Ebony and Pink Pearls reminds us that our value comes from Christ’s sacrifice and that we are now at liberty to walk in purity, godly purpose, and fervent prayer. We are so grateful for this ministry and are praying that the Lord has His way and builds this ministry as the Kingdom sees fit."

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Founder: Hanah St. Rose,


“Ebony and Pink Pearls is a beautiful ministry and organization to work with. I had the pleasure of working with Brandi and her outlook on helping women is enlightening. Her blog posts and information is on point and filled with wisdom. She focuses on ensuring that her calling and purpose is lined up with the Lord. I know she will continue to soar with this ministry and impact the kingdom of God in a mighty way."


Cynthia Lombard,

Motivational Speaker & Author

“ I think Ebony and Pink Pearls will be a great self-esteem, self-awareness, and self-value organization for young women. I believe we as young women and older women need to know where our value comes from and it's from God. We need to know that prayer and being obedient to our call and purpose in Christ is what we should strive for, and know that in all things we are to give God the glory. I believe Ebony and Pink Pearls is the place where the young ladies will get the tools they need to be the strong confident women God called them to be and I would be honored to be a part of that mission.'‘


Sasha Frank,

Style and Inspiration Blogger

“It is great seeing other women going after a vision God placed in their hearts. Most importantly, it's AMAZING seeing women, such as Ebony and Pink Pearls founder, allowing God to lead them and making this a faith-based platform. Girls and women need more role models showcasing their relationship with God and showing how God can be accessible to anyone who has faith to believe. To everyone who is willing to allow the holy spirit to transform them an make disciples to them too”